New Deluxe Galactic Colourful Plasma (Finger Print Future-Lighter)

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Become Eco Friendly And Put An End To The Click Click Clicking Whilst Ridding Yourself Of Ugly Finger Calluses And Constant Painful Sores
finger calluses
Environmentally Friendly
The Future is here! Forget about empty lighters, Buying new lighters every week or having pain in your thumb and Burning your fingers! With this unique futuristic lighter your life will never be the same! Don't believe us? Experience the beautiful USB rechargeable dual-arch plasma lighter yourself. 
No More Walking Around With Dangerous Fuel In Your Pocket
The batteries range from 220mAh to 300mAh depending on size/batch and number of arcs. Charged via a micro USB port (like android phones) this beautiful game changing lighter is perfect to light cigarettes, cigars and anything else you like to smoke
Don't Taint Your Cigarette With The Taste Of Fuel 
The #1 revolutionary, eco-friendly USB rechargeable lighter in the world. Our electric lighter is specifically engineered to work in any weather, in any condition, and save you money. This lighter features great exterior design and colours. Whether you’re lighting tobacco products, hemp wick, or firing up charcoal in the grill, this lighter gets the job done every time. 
How Does The Galactic Magic Work?

This innovative lighter works by creating an electric dual arc with one press of a button. Dual arc is stronger and faster than 1 arc. This Lighter lasts up to 70 uses then you simply charge it via USB up to 2 hours. 

3rd generation of USB lighters comes with battery indicators - 4 lights means battery is full, 1 light almost empty.

Lighter uses no flame, so it is not only windproof, flame less but also economical and eco friendly. No more lighter fluid refills or throwing out those cheap plastic lighters!
These electronic Tesla coil lighters also has a safety feature, so it will not light up when the lid is closed even when the button is pressed. Lighter will turn off automatically after ignition button is pressed for 10 seconds - no safety hazards. 


✔ User-friendly 
✔ Built-in rechargeable battery
✔ Splash-proof
✔ Airport Approved
✔ Money Returns itself (No more spending money on other lighters)
✔ Modern and trendy design
✔ Ideal gift

1x Deluxe Galactic Plasma USB ECO Lighter
1x USB Charger
1x Manual in your language
1x Amazing packaging 

Better for the world, better for you

Numerous studies have shown that traditional butane fuel is highly toxic and dangerous to humans, so instead of using harmful chemicals such as butane, this Deluxe Galactic Lighter uses an ultra-powerful lithium-ion cell to create a super-heated plasma wave. It is also really good for the eco-system: Plastic lighters always end up in nature or animal bellies. So the Deluxe Galactic also is reducing waste, to make the world a greener place 🌏


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Works perfectly
good value,nice design lighter
great customer service
Wind proof

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