New Deluxe Apple Corer Slicer

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Blast Away Your Apple Corer And Enjoy Perfectly Shaped Slices Within 5 Seconds! 

apple core remover

Getting Healthy Has Never Been Easier

You can now prepare your apple's ready to eat in just 5 seconds! It's really this fast and easy no more standing around dirtying knifes just to waste time pealing away. This tool simultaneously cores your apple and slices it in just seconds. Cut down your time dramatically when it comes to preparing salads or pies or even just a snack on the side.

apple core remover

New pro easy grip handles made to feel extra comfortable in your grip and amazing control for improved stability even with de-corering the hardest of apples. Designed with 7 state of the art thin steel blades to give you 8 perfectly shaped apple slices instantly giving you more time to do what you was busy doing

apple corer

The New Best Apple Slicer The All Round Solution Instantly Solves All Your Needs

Our customers buy our Deluxe Apple La'Corer as we all know how irritating and time consuming it is to slice an apple using a knife, especially when your in a rush for school, college or even work but you still need the slices to be evenly sized. Likewise, long handle apple corers can be very fiddly to use when pressing down on the apple which refuses to stay still especially when your dealing with harder apples. Deluxe Apple La'Corer solves these problems, doing two jobs in one instantly with absolute ease.

The Deluxe Apple La'Corer is an attractive but simple designed unit with no over-complicated parts. The unit itself is multi coloured to suit all kitchens and features stainless steel (type 304), non magnetic blades which will not rust or corrode. It is also extremely light-weight.

apple corer

3 Simple Steps For Instant Sliced Apples

  • 1. Place the apple on the table, counter-top
  • 2. Position the slicer on top of the fruit
  • 3. Press down the silicone handles to get instant perfect slices of fruit
apple corer and slicer

Product Features:

  • Super attractive and light-weight
  • Easy, simple to use
  • No moving parts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • High quality, non magnetic, stainless steel blades 


Customer Reviews

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Attractive and easy to use
A Nice Quality Item That Works
Surprisingly good, working really well, loving the Mango slicer.
It slices well.
great customer service

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