New Delux iMice TF200-Mechanical Pro RGB (Light Up Keyboard For PS4 & Xbox One) PC Compatible

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attractive keyboard designed especially for seeking trendsetting hardcore gamer's
World of warcraft pc
The Last Moment Need For Tournament Grade Precision And Speed
When you’re in the middle of an intense tournament match, every millisecond counts in trying to secure that winning edge over your opponent. With this keyboard, you can now make that a reality.
Designed specifically for gaming, Delux iMice TF200 All Solution Mechanical Switches provide optimised actuation and reset points so commands are executed exactly as they should—with blazing fast responsiveness. Engineered to suit any gamer's preference.
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iMice TF200-Mechanical Pro is the first keyboard choice for gamer's looking to step up their setups. Our 100% Mechanical Keyboard comes with highly rated (Lives exceed 100 million presses) Gateron Mechanical Optical Switches.
A braided black usb-c keyboard cable, a sleek black keyboard shell, and BRIGHT fully customizable RGB lightighting! Trusted by pro players and streamer's globally, which is why it's becoming the most popular mechanical keyboard on the market.
  • Gateron Mechanical Optical Switches (Brown, Red, Blue, or Silver)
  • Fully programmable RGB lighting
  • Music reactive mode (Lights pulses to music)
  • Water Resistant
  • RGB Software included
light up keyboard for ps4 and xbox one
Discover An Immersive Gaming Experience Without Limits
The New Delux iMice TF200-Element (Mechanical Pro) Gaming Keyboard is a content-reactive mechanical keyboard that syncs dynamic RGB effects for customised illumination with any PC game
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"The Delux iMice TF200 Element Reactive Mechanical Keyboard SHATTERS Old Gaming Memories And Offers An Alternative Realty Of Mechanical Keyboarding."
Senior Contributor, Forbes
best gaming keyboard under $100
Next Gen Delux Level Immersion 
Our specially developed secret software engine’s custom ambience technology detects and recognises events and critical utility moments
Explosions, varied environments, damage taken, health levels, healing, shields — producing synchronised LED patterns, bursts of colour and particle systems to heighten immersion and reinvent your gaming pursuits.
mechanical keyboard
Built Strong With Material No-one Else Can Get Hold Off
Designed and brought to life in our Florida headquarters with a jet grade, anodised brushed aluminium frame.
This mechanical element is built to endure the most intense gaming sessions with a 1000hz+ polling rate and 100% anti-ghosting technology paired with the most stylish mouse you've ever laid fingers on both completely drink spillage proof 
aluminium gaming keyboard
RGBMastery Is An Art.. One We Can Both Wield 
Designed for hardcore gamer's looking to seriously invest in their gaming future and finally immerse in the best interactive focused surroundings entertainment can provide.
New Delux iMice TF200-Elemen software features a constantly-expanding library of patented game extensions for enhanced customised experiences and reactive illumination for top AAA games.
call of duty modern warfare warzone
Main Benefits Of Mechanical Keyboard
  • Boost your MMORPG gaming experience with super back-lighting get better visuals in low ambient light with customisation game key codes for enhance personalised game time to help you get the number one on the leader board
  • Padded button springs causes no "mushing" when pressed not like old fashioned keyboards with our pro fitted mechanical switches 
  • Faster key stroke registering at half way point for 100% increased gaming response no more dying at the hands of your keyboard or mouse
  • Our mechanical switch keyboard and mouse offers revolutionary feedback - the "click" you hear as you press a key. This vital tactile feedback makes for greater awareness and precision no more missing key strokes

benefits of mechanical keyboard


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Spaffingly great keyboard, easy wipe for your convenience
Exceeded expectations
Typing with it right now!
Great if you love mechanical keyboards, and are happy with the "click" & the way they feel
Illuminated keys are just the job

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