New Delux Universal Woof Travel belt ( 2 in 1 )

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Keep Your Dog Safe During Car Rides With Our Doggy Seatbelt

The strap hooks onto their collar and buckles into your car's seat belt buckle. The seat-belt keeps your dog from wandering too far, jumping through the window, or jerking off the seat during normal driving motion. A must-have for any dog parent!

mudder adjustable safe car dog travel harness

You Wouldn't Drive Without Your Kids Using Seat-belts So Get Your Doggies Strapped In

Whats more important than keeping your dog safe! Look over 500,000 people each year get in car accidents because they're distracted, oftentimes by their lovable and excitable pooch in the backseat. These types of accidents are disastrous for your dog, leading to injury or even death 🚗 🐶 🚗

best dog seat belt crash tested

Our best-selling Quality Dog Seat Belt allows your buddy to move around safely on their seat but avoid distracting you, the driver. It will also ensure that your dog remains safe in case of an accident. If you buckle your kids in, why not your doggies? 


  • Designed to keep you (and your pup!) safe
  • Produced with high quality materials
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable in size (built for small and large dogs!)
  • Available in 6 different colours.

We highly recommend you use your doggy seat belt with our New Delux Woof Saddle Harness which feeds 8 shelter dogs!

Keep your dog safe while also helping other dogs in need Win Win!

mighty paw safety belt


  • Car seatbelt for dogs
  • Attaches to your car's normal seatbelt buckle
  • Can be used for small, medium, or big dogs
  • Helps keep your dog safe and secure during car rides
  • Adjustable length (approx. 43-74cm)
  • Width: 2.5cm

The Dog Seat Belt by DeluxBits is a comfortable, adjustable belt that connects a harness to a seat belt lock. The belt keeps dogs safe and secure in the car making travelling with pets a pleasant experience

Dog seat belt

In Case Of An Accident, If Your Dog Is Wearing A Properly Fitted Harness And Seat Belt

  • Prevent your dog from being ejected from the vehicle. Even at "low speed" accidents which can still result in a dog being propelled at 20 mph or more through a window or windshield!
  • Restrained dogs cannot collide with humans in the force of an accident, which can cause serious injury to both humans and dogs
  • Restrained dogs are unable to dash out when a door is opened, preventing a lost dog. And this restraint removes any chance of the dog interfering with driving, tangling with police, or bolting in the event of an accident.
  • The seatbelt is used like a leash, so your dog is never unsecured during the two seconds that you open the door that they love to jump out. This also saves their back from injury when they jump down.

Safety belt for pes

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